All activities are included in the ticket of your donation. We ask minimum:

  • Saturday: € 17
  • Sunday: € 13
  • Weekend: € 25 (excluding staying overnight)
  • Stay overnight: € 8 (per night)

We do not ask a donation for children under 12 years, having always to be accompanied by adults.

Refunds or name changes are not possible.

However, the organization undertakes that people who have purchased their ticket before the old date of the festival, and can not come in the new, can request a full refund before July 31.

Tickets can be acquired through a bank account with IBAN code: ES11 0182 0334 1102 0153 4487.

Add your full name (from all intended attendees if you buy more than one), your email and what you buy; these are mandatory data, and in few days you will receive your personalized entrance ticket through email.
If you cannot add all text in the money transfer, e-mail us through Also use the email address or facebook chat for any questions or problems

In the downloads you have at your disposal a “document cession of rights of images” and a “disclaimer document”; through the donation you are automatically accepting the conditions that are explained.

All the money that is collected, will be integrally to finance the activities of the association.