• MINIMUM AGE: there is none. Everybody can attend from all ages. The entrance is free below 12 years of age. Underage attendees must be accompanied by their parents or guardians, showing identification.
  • LAWS: all local, county, community and province laws apply to the festival.
  • ARRIVALS: the festival opens on Saturday, September 30st at 12:00. If you like, you can come on Friday to sleep. The normal economical rate applies.
  • LITTER AND TRASH: we must have respect, even in a destroyed world. Respect Fun West and use the waste bins. Be critical to those who do not.
  • FOOD AND DRINKS: it will not be allowed to bring any drink or any food inside the enclosure, but it will be allowed to bring water in plastic bottles. There will be plenty of food and drinks available at a good price inside the festival. Consult the management if you have some kind of food intolerance or a diet prescribed by your doctor.
    The food and beverage services will begin at Friday night.
  • PETS/ANIMALS: it is not permitted to enter with animals. Consult the management in case of special circumstances.
  • PARKING: free of costs. There are enough places available. Motorhomes are allowed but you have to consult the management.
  • WEAPONS POLICY: you are allowed to bring prop weapons for your costume. Remember that the law applies, although it concerns a private area.
    • GUNS: no real firearms are allowed, unless they have been permanently disabled (removing the firing pin is not enough). Non-firing weapons and replicas are allowed. No black powder guns. Nothing is allowed that can fire projectiles of any kind (inclusive a Nerf gun).
    • AMMUNITION: no real ammunition is allowed, even if you’re just wearing it as part of a costume (dummy/deactivated bullets are fine however). Airsoft guns are allowed, but may not be loaded at any time.
    • BOWS & CROSSBOWS: they may never be loaded. Including slingshots. Non-functioning slingshots for costuming purposes are fine.
    • BLADES & KNIFES: no sharp items are allowed. This includes sharp objects on costumes. Metal or wooden weapons are allowed, but no being sharp or dangerous. Remember that the law applies!
    • The LUNA NEGRA management reserves the right to inspect and confiscate any weapons that appear to be unsafe, or are being used in an unsafe manner (they will be held for you until the end of the festival).
  • OPEN FIRE POLICY: making open fires is only permitted in the central area. So not in the accommodation building, nor in the airsoft area or anywhere else.
  • SMOKE POLICY: smoking only permitted in the central area. So not in the accommodation building, nor in the airsoft area or wherever else.
  • DAMAGES: LUNA NEGRA will not be made liable for costs or damages which have been caused for visitors and/or goods, as a direct or indirect consequence of actions or negligence of other visitors, exhibitors or the owner of Fun West, during or in relation to the festival.
  • PROGRAM CHANGES: each activity is under reservation. LUNA NEGRA however can not be made responsible for deviations and damages which may have occurred to visitors and/or third parties.