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The spring of Valyermo
The civilization has long since disappeared, it has been so long since no one keeps track. First the bombs went down ravaging all the big cities. Then came the looting and violence, ending with what little remained of civilization. Finally, the acid rain and radiation made the fields a wasteland, destroying almost all the vegetation.

The few who managed to survive the radiation, hunger and violence caused by the hunger to hoard the few remaining resources were uniting in larger or smaller groups. Some inhabited the ruins of towns and cities and called themselves clans, guilds, corporations, and those who wandered in the wilderness were known as tribes.

Without anyone with enough knowledge to preserve the technology was gradually disappearing, the firearms took little time to run out of ammunition, electronic devices were not fed, so little by little turned to a more primitive world. He fought and fought with bows, clubs, lances shields. Any injury could be lethal because of the lack of medicines.

And so the years passed, with a brutish humanity struggling for its survival, setting where the water was less toxic and fighting for these water sources. For where there was water there was life, although few arable areas and their atrophied products little sustenance could generate. Most of the animals that managed to survive mutated more violent and dangerous forms from their pre-Holocaust relatives.

In this desolate scenario is where our story takes place. Two clans and a tribe must decide which way to go for their survival. Killing, dominating or collaborating, destiny is in your hands.
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