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Can I bring my own drinks and food?
Only water, in plastic bottles. The tap water is not potable. 
Can I use camping gas?
No. No open fires are permitted because of the high risks in the forests.
Can I pay with credit or debit cards?
Tell me a bit more about staying overnight.
It is a private place where you can stay overnight. In case you wanna use a tent, you need to bring your own. In the parking lot of Fun West you can park your caravan. You can also go to the hotel Pueblo Acantilado, and you can also look in the village El Campello.
Can I make pictures or videos?
Yes! Sure! It is a paradise for photographers! The dress code is post-apocalyptic and most people will look awesome. You are very welcome to share your facebook album in the LUNA NEGRA festival and / or the group.

Other option, even better, is asking the management to promote you to Moderator, after which you can create your own album in the group. Look for example here in Facebook
Respect people and ask if they agree before making the photo or video.

Is the festival a Spanish version of events in other countries like Wasteland Weekend, JunkTown or OldTown?
NO. It is rather is a mix of all of them; it has a strong Mad Max ambiance but visitors can dress up like any character living in a post-apocalyptic world, it has LARPs, craftsmen, artists and workshops, it has much more live music and is very suited for photographers.
A unique mixture!

What kind of weather can I expect?
It hardly rains in september. Temperatures vary typically between 17 degrees Celsius at night until 27 degrees Celsius. However; don´t shoot us!; look here .
Is there Wifi or mobile internet coverage?
Yes, both. But there is only Wifi in the central area, so not in the camping area. Also, there is very little internet coverage; do not count on it when it gets crowded!

Can I enjoy more time as tourist?
Sure! The area is beautiful and you are very close to the sea (4km) and Alicante city (20km). This is the website of the Tourism Office of the province Valenciana. Contact the management when you need help with anything else.

Are lockers available?
No. For exceptions, we can ask the property owner to store your stuff, but that is at your own risk.

Is the festival accessible for wheelchair users?
Yes, with limitations. There are limitations for disabled people outside the central area. Certain parts are difficult to access with wheelchairs. 

If these did not answer your questions, contact the management and they are happy to help you out.