There will be several DJ´s:

Dani Sombra Responsible for the alternative webzine Dark Valencia, he was the creator and co-organizer of Adoración Nocturna Sesiones (Valencia). When he is spinning music, his goal is to promote good themes and create an atmosphere that is enjoyable and invites you to dance. He loves Gothic Rock and similar genres (Deathrock, Post Punk, Darkwave, etc.), showing that Dark Rock can be danced with both current and classic groups. His other facets are Industrial Rock, along with Electro Industrial, EBM, Synth Pop, Ethereal, Neo-Classical, etc.
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Juan Fernandez Styles: Ebm-Industrial-darkwave-Minimal_Electro dark-Electrónica. Resident in the Laboratori club & El Asesino pub, Valencia. Three groups / pages in Facebook:
Amigos a los que les gusta Laboratori
Amigos a los que les gusta Hybrid Dark
Hybrid Dark
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Reset The beginnings of dj r3s3t date back to the late 90s. Always obstinate to offer over himself in his sessions and to fill them with creativity and sonic complexity, moves with eclecticism among the most electronic styles of dark music like EBM, Industrial, synthpop, Darkwave, electrodark, powernoise … the more acoustic and Rock Gothic, Pagan Folk, Neofolk, Medieval, Ethereal.
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Vince Dark

Tony Vidal Batiste Tony “Gipsy”. Garage from the 80’s, industrial music, punk, rock. Promotor, manager and DJ in the legendary clubs like: Chocolate, AC/TV, Arena and more in Valencia; a long history in the music world.
Tony Vidal Batiste    
 Culto Producciones

Sergio Alfonso Born in Valencia. He started as a drummer in 1998 in different amateur bands. In 2002 passed the electronic scene inspired by the DJs of the local scene and radio programs as zona3 of Radio3. He has been part of several groups (URM, dark matter, etc.) involved in independent productions for more than a decade. He is currently the drummer of PRONOISE and REVENGAS, in addition continuing with his productions of electronic events.

Goyo Electrópolis Electrópolis was coinciding born with the pop music scene called “New Party Valencia” 2009. It started performing in festivals and clubs in Valencia with the themes of the 80’s and 90’s. Later he was provided the opportunity to play in clubs in large cities like Barcelona and Madrid, and shared the stage with peopls of Megabeat-Interfront, Chimo Bayo, Wolfgang Flur (Kraftwerk) and a list of Valencian and national DJs, as Fran Lenaer and Jesus Briaa among others.

Ivan Feydz

Miss Yuls
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Keyrus His first sessions take place in El Gato Negro, in 2010, where he begins to perform in monthly festivals and is announced. From that moment until the present time he participates in various events of the dark Spanish scene, organizes the Code Red Fest festivals and has his first international experiences in Belgium. His specialty is dark electronics, where genera such as Electro-Industrial, Aggrotech and Powernoise are covered.
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