Larva; Larva band of electro dark band from Barcelona, established in 2003, consists out of Inquest and Anoxia. Label Advoxya-Records. Albums: Diogenes Syndrome, Autosectarismo, Voces del laberinto, The hated, Entre agujas EP, Und sie aßen sich selbs, Broken hopes of a wasted youth, Where the butterflies go to die, The worst of 2004-2014, Abominations. Larva toured throughout Europe, Russia, USA and Mexico with a very powerful and scenic show. It is currently working on its next album ‘Scars’.
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Hasswut is a project created in late 2013 by Dani, Javi (components of the metal industrial band Mind Driller Industrial Metal Mind) and Zufo (Mutant-e Records). Hasswut practice a mix between the more electronic industrial and metal parts, with a disc on the market called “Wir Sind”. Having made several concerts, including having shared the stage with bands like A7IE, NACHTMAHR, RAGE DEAF, SHIV-R, LARVA, we can find the band at the moment working on what will be the second studio album “FALSCH”.
Daniel NQ (vocals), Javix (guitars & programmings), Zufo (keys).
Manager: RedMutante Records 657941676

Death Rose is darkness, power, sensuality, energy, romanticism, rock … Born with the fusion of ideas four Valencians musicians and experienced in music with a very clear goal: to renew the dark music of the eighties. powerful, consistent bass guitars, drums with lots of punch and a unique and suggestive voice. All to leave a mark on your minds … like the rose of death. Death Rose.

Níobe; a unique sound between chords torn guitar and sweetness of the violin, to the rhythm of drums and deep bass, with two main voices, sweet and feminine voice of an angel, and dark, masculine voice demon, accompanied by a keyboard that creates harmony between good and evil, Níobe dark underworld transport you to the very sky. Our music is a fusion of rock and folk epic, with Celtic touches.
Composed by: Jorge Pinar – guitar, Carmen Mora – violin, David Cuesta – bass and whistle, Gabriel Sanchez – drums, Íker Martin – voice, Tania Sanchez – voice, Manu Redondo – keyboard.
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Vulcano seis is a group of Techno-rock, formed in the winter of 2003 in Chiclana (Cádiz, Spain). It is currently formed by German Vulcano (vocals, guitar and programming), Tano Vulcano (bass) and Inma Vulcano (keyboards). Discografía: 0.1 (2004), 0.2 (2006), Toque de difuntos (2009), Memorias del taxidermista (2011), La evolución natural de las sub-especies (2014).

Pronoise; Herederos of the legendary relationship of Valencia with dark musical arts; the EBM / Industrial and Darkwave. Pronoise, founded by Nacho Javi Andreu Artax and have released two LPs on CD and vinyl: “Low Light Vision” and the recent “The Border Crossing”, praised by specialized international critics. Live expands the formation with Cesar Saez on bass and Sergio Alfonso on hybrid drums.
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Killing Bambies The basis of the repertoire of Killing Bambies is formed by the popular songs from the 40s to the 70s (pop, bolero, chanson …) to pass through a sieve of hard rock and heavy metal. Here coexist without prejudice Edith Piaf, Slayer, Mama Cass, Pantera, Sara Montiel or White Zombie. Universally recognized tunes dressed with hard guitars and powerful rhythms. A daring proposal that does not leave you indifferent; a trip to the past with one foot in the future.
Marian Villaescusa: voice, Juan Carlos Motes: guitar, Guillem Torrent: bass and vocals, Pepe Bosch: drums.
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A.T.Mödell; electro-metal / Industrial from Valencia from the hands of Líyak with his voice and Rumi on keyboards, promises to give power with their energetic songs and furious performance. Their last two albums, taken in 2014 (Wired for Evil) and 2015 (Epic Nightmares) have received very good reviews and also can be downloaded for free from their website to give you an idea of what awaits you. Do not miss it!
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SynlakrosS is a melodic death metal band with a very personal style whose lyrics speak of cyborgs, outlaws and other fantastic subjects linked to great doses of rebellion. Winners of Granite Rock 2015 have recently shared stage with the international bands The Agonist and Jinjer. They come with loaded weapons and want to destroy the stage. A live earthquake!
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Valeria is a rock band with electronic dyes born in 2015 of the union of several restless musicians of the Valencian scene, and who look for the freshness and the surprise of the best sounds of the rock of the 90 with epic and forceful guitars.
Produced by Jose Luis Macias (Glamor, Cisne Committee) his influences embrace sounds of bands as eclectic as Smashing Punkies, U2, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Heroes del Silencio or The Beatles.
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INERTE presents its vision of industrial rock in a transgressive and innovative way. Powerful electronic bases, acid melodies of synthesizers, heartbreaking guitars, blunt bass, all accompanying lacerating voices. A mixture that will not leave you indifferent.
Discover it in their debut album “La Razón de los Sentidos”, an amazing album, intense, transgressive and as promising as the live show that accompanies them.
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