Still to confirm many more….

Various artists will be presented, from tribal dancers to jugglers. Many surprises that will be reserved for the great weekend. Some will be integrated into the time table, and others will perform at random.

Malice in Wasteland: Walkabout Performance and Cyborg Life-Drawing.
A place where man and machine collide and bio-mechanical creatures lurk in the shadows. Discover a neon lit world where bodies entwined with alien technology await you…
Malice in Wasteland are a troupe of artists, life models and performers from Brighton, UK. Taking inspiration from cyberpunk and dystopian sci-fi movies we design and make all our own costume and props, recycling discarded objects and broken electrical equipment to make our post-apocalyptic creations.
At LUNA NEGRA festival, come and interact with our costumed walkabout characters and we will be holding life drawing sessions on Sunday from 2.30pm where you can sit and draw our costumed models. Basic art materials will be provided.

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Cinc En Art
Cinc En Art is a cultural association of Valencia founded in 2014, focused on promoting circus arts, mainly juggling and aerial. Throughout our career we have collaborated in different private, cultural and social events. After experimenting with different themes in our shows (Steampunk, terror, medieval …), we have come to the post-apocalyptic world to bring a circus focus to this world of decay and chaos. With our show jugglers, the stilt walkers, the air acrobats and our troupe of artists, we are prepared to perform in this long-awaited event of LUNA NEGRA.
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Krys Butler
¡¡Saludos postapocalípticos! Post-apocalyptic greetings! I’m Krys Butler, amateur tribal fusion dancer. 
Your sacrifices in honor of the dark gods were not in vain and this year I repeat again in LUNA NEGRA, with some surprises under the chains of my wardrobe.
See you in Teruel. Witness!








Shaun Elay
A young alternative artist who is becoming the revelation of the moment.
After a full year with full agenda of tours of exhibitions and performances throughout the country (Prop Art Valencia, Metropoli Gijón Comic Con, Úbeda Cinefan Festival, Sitges Film Festival, Encants Wars Barcelona or Expocomic Madrid among others) will bring us to the festival the exhibition of the latest series of her most post-apocalyptic works.
Her revolutionary alternative techniques, her demanding works and her interactive illustrations have made it very recently a focus of attention in social networks
The well known artist and alternative model will illustrate live throughout the festival to the delight of all present, with distracting elements that you never thought you could draw.







In a very distant future, people come to New Europe to try to progress in a post-apocalyptic world. Each one comes from an area: the “Westeros” are people who live in a world similar to the old American West, others are workers of corporations that try to control and dominate this tortured radioactive world, some are wild northerners who have their own gods. 
During the LUNA NEGRA festival, you can see bits of their lives and adventures. You can see them, help them or persecute them. To be for a moment part of their lives, their dreams, their successes and their hardships. Live for an instant movie scenes at your side. Do not hesitate to interact with them.
The post-apocalyptic adventure awaits you!









Julio Tormo
Valencian painter and illustrator, I realize works with a personal technique mixing inks and coffee.
My works are Fan Art on Film, TV Series and Comic. I regularly attend as a guest in Salons, Festivals and Conventions of Cinema, Science Fiction and Comic in Spain as well as abroad.
Comic Con Porto, 2015 and 2016, Comic Con Jerez 2016, Saló del Cinema i Series Barcelona 2016, Cificom Valencia 2015 and 2016, Valencia Zombi Party 2015 and 2016, among others.