Welcome to the Apocalyptic War of Factions!

We invite you to participate in an Airsoft game during the LUNA NEGRA festival, Sunday October 1st at 10AM.
It will be organised by Nico Pérez Cano of Equipo B Airsoft.

We are in a wasteland of death and desolation in which two factions will have to fight for the survival and the collection of provisions to last.  “Two teams enter, one team leaves…”

Main mission: search and collect supplies to guard in the command post. (Supplies will be wasted in the play area).

Secondary Mission: steal the supplies of the other faction.
*Supplies: bottled water, gasoline and food.
At the end of the game, the supplies will be counted of each team to know which is the winner.

Additional Rules:
– Shot required to confirm low, no dead by voice, you are dead, etc…
-There is the possibility of death by knife ie physical contact without a shot. After suffering this death, the dead can never say a word or make any noise until the doctor arrives (2 doctors per team).
Explanation: The player who is killed by a shot will have to stand still and identify himself as dead, saying dead aloud and with a handkerchief in his hand or raising his gun to avoid confusion, but the dead man with a knife is mute, he will only have to raise his hand and remain still.

You can subscribe in the publication in the event in Facebook (maximum 50 players).

If you do not have equipment, you can rent it from Equipo B Airsoft. You even better reserve it before by calling Nico; (+34) 653 515 923.