Workshop personal defense


We have the luxury of having two collaborators who provide us with a personal defense workshop. It is clear that it is crucial to defend oneself in any dystopia. The workshops will have a good balance with fun and entertainment, but the content can definitely be useful for any unfortunate situation in daily life.     

Workshop based on survival
When the apocalypse knocks on the door the dangers are hidden in every corner. The looters, cannibals, mutants and worse horrors will cross your path sooner or later. That is why we must be prepared to survive, not only the nuclear waste, but also its inhabitants. In the self-defence workshop we will learn techniques to get out of risk situations for our life or for that of our colleagues. They are not complicated and complicated techniques, but quick and effective when it comes to saving the skin, both in the wasteland and in the alley that we cut to get home at dawn. Through some fun (and safe) exercises we will delve into the basic principles of self-defence, combat with knives and improvised weapons, and some useful tricks to get rid of that looter who wants to take our caps.

Iván García Hernández is in charge of this workshop. You can contact him at any time but it is not needed to subscribe for this activity.