LUNA NEGRA (Spanish for Black Moon) is a  non-profit association, which organizes events in the post-apocalyptic theme in Spain.

Most members wear post-apocalyptic clothes, wearing torn, old, dirty clothes, armor, gas masks, tires, … taking an example from the movie Mad Max and The book of Eli. But the scope is wider, including zombies, Star Wars, Fallout, and other issues that act within a world destroyed by nuclear war, climate change, etc …

All the money that LUNA NEGRA collects, will be integrally destined to cover the expenses.

Their activities are of everything from photo shoots to festivals. Most attendees are members of the facebook group “LUNA NEGRA; eventos post-apocalipticos en España” but everyone who wants to participate is welcome.

It is a fantastic environment for fans of the theme but also for photographers and music lovers.

LUNA NEGRA realizes the first and only post-apocalyptic festival in Spain.

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