What is it?


Click on the photo to see a video explaining the first festival

LUNA NEGRA festival is a unique event in a post-apocalyptic environment.
Living three days in another world, enjoying a different kind of activities in an environment like in the Mad Max movies, video games like Fallout and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or any other post-apocalyptic scene.

One could describe it like a mix between a music festival and a fantasy festival, but all in post-apocalyptic style.
We all wear unique outfits with accessories, preferably made of reused materials, which can protect us against any hostile environment.
All activities, artists, craftsmen, bands and DJs, cars and bikes have adapted their estetics to the festival theme. 

It is likely that you experience it as escaping your daily life and problems.
You will meet new friends from whatever country.
You will feel great beying “shot” by the many photographers.
You will experience hapiness that you never experienced before.

The post-apocalyptic theme gives an advantage that all can be very low-cost. The outfits can be made for almost no money and that applies also for the accessories and any fake weapon that you like to wear.

The festival theme also make you realise that in fact we need to care for the environment and Mother Earth, and hope that there never will be a real apocallypse.

Go, feel and enjoy LUNA NEGRA like it would be the last day on earth!