The location of the festival is ideal for vehicles, motorcycles, quads, tractors, and other strange cars with wheels that can go through your imagination, enjoy the free wasteland with sand, test areas, slopes, mud. The Valhalla for all kinds of wheels!!

All cars and motorcycles are admitted inside the enclosure 
as long as they are Mad Max style or are decorated with other post-apocalyptic elements. They can enter for free.

Other vehicles can be parked outside the festival perimeter, also free of charge.

Everybody is encouraged to decorate their car or motorbike or create one from zero.
LUNA NEGRA created a special group (only in Spanish) in Facebook to exchange ideas, examples, suggestions. Please join if you are not yet there; Tunear Mad Max

Within the festival you can circulate freely, but always be careful.
Don´t drive too fast and always realize that there are people walking everywhere. Masía Pelarda is a private area but the law prevails at all times, so (for instance) it is forbidden to drive with alcohol and bikers need to wear their helmet. The festival management remains the right to remove the vehicle in case they find it necessary.

Important; you must bring enough fuel; there is no gas station in the festival area.

You will see that one of the fun elements is if other assistants can have a ride with you. Please be open for that, and feel free to negotiate a compensation in caps!