The Thunderdome


¡Tickets on sale!

LUNA NEGRA creates the Thunderdome; famous from its Mad Max movie.
In which “Two men enter, one man leaves!”
Or women, of course!
Do you dare to be one of them? 

It has a diameter of 13,5 meters and a height of almost 7 meters.
It is made of 870m steel; 555 tubes!
This is the biggest project of the festival.

The movie inspires many people and the Thunderdome will be a huge attraction!
¡It is the first in Europe!
We identified only one other Thunderdome in the world, in the USA, in world´s biggest Mad Max festival Wasteland Weekend, and that same dome is also used in the festival Burning Man.

Click to see the promotional video. (Photo: Aaron Feinberg)

The company “Domos Geodesicos España” collaborates in actually making the dome. The dome will be placed in the festival location Masía Pelarda but is demountable and transportable.

Several activities take place in the Thunderdome during the festival, but the most spectacular are of course the fights. Two people are mounted in garments and fight each other with softcombat weapons.
This activity will be managed by Cinc En Art, a Circus Association with relevant experience.

It will be an big attraction and we are very exited!

¡Tickets on sale!