Survival Horror


On Saturday night there will be a “Survival Horror”. You will never forget the night of the 31st… there will be a beautiful black moon… real darkness…
The subscribtion is full!

Life in the Wasteland? I do not even know where to start, son.
Even the most insignificant of resources has an incalculable value here. Weapons, food, shelter? All more valuable than your fucking skin and within reach of only a few. A piece of meat could end your life, and that if you first have enough balls to snatch it from its owner. »If you are lucky, you can get what it takes to survive one more day. Still, it will be a miracle if you manage to keep it by your side long enough. Here the law of the strongest reigns, and there is always someone stronger than you. So listen to me well: if you’re going to confront them, make sure you win or die, you do not want to get sick in this unhealthy wasteland. »And then there is the water. Even counting on the fortune of having food and shelter – and the strength to avoid being taken away – it is almost impossible to get hold of the “liquid element” in these ill-fated days. Even more if you do not have a purifier that makes that dense and yellowish shit be considered potable. “But that’s not the worst, son. In this fucking world you can get what you want if you have the strength and the balls to take it from others, or enough cunning to negotiate with them. Everything is for sale, including your body or your life. But nobody is safe from the robbers, scavengers and other scum that roams the Wasteland. While being cautious, at some point you will need to rest or sleep, and they will be waiting to claim your prize. »The Warboys you say? I was afraid of that fucking question. If you live long enough, you may have the misfortune to cross paths with them, or even join their destiny. The infected fucks arose with the “Red Ice”, that nauseating substance that discovered the “thousand times cursed” of Dr. Miller and that was going to suppose the salvation for the human race. In his ambition, Dr. Miller challenged the gods and transformed that substance into “Nectar,” a drug that marked the beginning of the end. That shit caused a brutal rush, a rush of adrenaline that made you feel stronger, more agile and even more intelligent; but it came with a price that few were willing to pay. His addiction was such that some lost the madness to unsuspected limits, becoming little more than beasts with a ravenous hunger for human flesh. Listen to me and get away from that shit. No matter what they promise you in return, it’s not worth it.

During the night of August 31st, within the post-apocalyptic world created by the LUNA NEGRA festival, Eventos LED  will collaborate with the realization of a Survival Horror set within this theme. You will have to look for your life in the wilderness as long as you overcome the different tests that have been prepared and you elude the creatures and bands of strays that populate this wasteland. If you manage to overcome you can access the select Dreamland club as one more. But if you fail, your chances of survival will be drastically reduced … and none of them will like you. The wasteland is no place for the weak!

The subscribtion is full! (Places limited to 100 participants).
· Check-in from 9:00 p.m. (Payer identification).
· Initial scene and rules at 22:00.
· Last scene at 02:00.

In events created by Survival Horror Eventos you can participate from ten (10) years onwards. Minors between ten (10) and fourteen (14) years of age must attend accompanied by an adult. After the fourteen (14) and up to seventeen (17) years, it will be enough to present the completed authorization and a photocopy of the legal guardian’s ID, but they can attend alone.
The players will be given an identification bracelet that must be worn in a visible way. The staff and actors of Survival Horror Eventos will wear a purple scarfe that is equally visible.
Warboys and zombies will be your enemies: run away from them. If they hunt you, you will be transformed into a warboy.

The consumption of alcohol or narcotic substances during the course of the activity is strictly prohibited.!!, being this reason for immediate expulsion from the activity.
Physical contact with our actors is prohibited. You can not push, placar or hit any actor of the event for any reason; failure to comply with this rule means the immediate expulsion of the activity.

If a group of creatures cornered you in a dead end zone, consider yourself dead. Civic norms and private property must be respected. We are in an apocalypse, yes; but in a figurative sense. Use common sense.

The organization is not responsible for the damages caused by the players, nor is responsible for lost objects or damages caused during the course of the activity.

– Flashlight (can be from your mobile phone).
– Mobile phone with additional battery (optional).
– Paper and pen (optional).
– Comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes that allow to move without difficulty.
– You want to enjoy yourselves and have fun.
– Not participate under the effects of narcotic substances (both legal and illegal). 
– Participate with the full use of the mental and physical faculties.

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