Survival workshop


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When we imagine a situation of apocalypse, everything is idyllic for us. We know how to fight, use firearms, plunder and we are experts in all the skills we need to be true warriors of the moor. But this is not always the case, we must always be preparing ourselves for the day of the final judgment. The basic survival techniques are very useful for the first phases of an apocalyptic catastrophe, just as being prepared and having the necessary equipment for when the disaster happens.

Therefore, in this new edition of LUNA NEGRA we will have a survival workshop in which we will learn real survival techniques adapted to a post-apocalyptic world.

The workshop will address, among others, the following points:
– Water purification techniques in an urban environment as well as in wilderness or wild nature;
– Camp fortification techniques through adaptations of the techniques used for alert and protection in environments with predators;
– Emergency backpack preparation, basic EDC;
– Preparation for any catastrophe.

There will be a short talk about how to deal with a survival situation, differences between fear and panic and psychological preparation for survival.

The workshop will be set in a post-apocalyptic world, but the techniques we will use they are adaptations of real techniques, that besides serving us for a hypothetical apocalypse, they will serve us for situations of survival that could happen to us.

The activity will be enjoyable as well as instructive. It will be given by Alberto González (Survival blog Pisadas Charras), count on almost ten years of experience in survival, he teaches survival to children between 11 and 14 years since 2016 and he already held a workshop for LUNA NEGRA in Bilbao.
You can contact him but there is no need to subscribe for the workshop.

Tickets on sale!