Post-apo costume workshop


This workshop “From Zero to Hero” takes you into the depths of creating a handmade costume inspired by the end of this world.

During the workshop, everybody will experience the forming of a full and complex outfit that is being created by wasteland, re-cycled, and up-cycled materials from an absolute zero state.

During a two hour period, Marcin will be using materials like plastic, metal, fabric and general waste elements gradually giving them a second life on a living body that is gonna be turned into a character at the end of the workshop evolution.

The characteristic and metamorphosis aspect to Marcin’s work is creating a certain fashion piece on a living body, not a mannequin, that can bring the specific look and character alive immediately when the “construction” process begins.

A short yet intensive look into the “makers workshop” that can transform waste within a couple of hours time into post-apocalyptic art. You do not need to subscribe for this activity.

This worskhop is leaded by fashion maker Marcin Urzedowski from PREPOSTEVOLUTION with Anna Achimowicz assisting.