Photography and videos


Tickets on sale!

It will be a paradise for photographers! The dress code is post-apocalyptic and most people will look awesome. 
LUNA NEGRA facilitates photographers, who will publish the photos on-line. Also official videos will be made of the festival, realised by Manolito Motosierra (director of “Carnívoros”) and DroneFilms Tarraco.

We will not organize specific photo sessions; every photographer
and visitor is free to do whatever he or she wants; the festival will be a giant photo shoot, where photos are made spontaneously. However no photographs or videos are allowed for commercial purposes.

We will be very nice if you share your facebook albums in the LUNA NEGRA group. Photographers are welcome to create their own album, so that the photos are visible forever. Look for examples here in Facebook

Respect people and their privacy, ask if they agree before making the photo or video.

Tickets on sale!