Market and artisans


Artisans will promote their products within the theme of the event and will show how they make them. spillett-8kl Some of them you can find here:

Creadores a Sueldo bring to the world props, weapons, armor and costumes completely unique and personalized, in order to make you feel the protagonist of all kinds of stories and adventures. Do you feel brave enough to let yourself be equipped by these demented designers? You are expected in LUNA NEGRA, armed to the teeth!!

El Drac del Cabanyal: is an artistic workshop, mainly based on modelling, which is a hallmark of this studio, with a fantastic and personal style. We offer a variety of unique products made by hand. We will be at LUNA NEGRA festival where you can see and acquire some of our works. We carry out custom work on request. We have the perfect complement to that night of zombies and the post-apocalyptic theme, that is, limited parts.
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Neo Trifidos del Cuero: Author’s craftsmanship in post-apocalyptic leather complements. Ideal for the end of the industrial system for its durability, originality and practicalism. Wallets, belts, jewelry, accessories for dogs and more. Combined with natural stones, seeds, bones. Also you can see how I work it live.img_20161009_103937-250 img_20161014_204314-250 img_20161122_193819-250 img_20170105_205123-250          





Osart Makeup
: What´s up, post-apocalyptic people! This is Osart, and I’m going to be your “lady of the brushes” at this festival. Mine are the undead, the almost dead … (the living not so much). It is mine to characterize them so that you give as much excitement as possible. I have participated in several ‘zombie’ events, role plays and theatre. So, enjoy this experience! See you at LUNA NEGRA festival!
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Black Matter Brain
: The end of the world has arrived, only a few survivors will reign in the moor, fight to survive in this damn wasteland … and to do that you must be prepared… And properly equipped if you do not want to be a sack of meat. In Black Matter Brain we present you what you need, enter, take a look, do not be shy and come to visit us at the stand we will have at the LUNA NEGRA festival. And in case not, you also can check our online store and find us on social media.
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