Jugger is a sports activity that combines elements of rugby and softcombat. It is very fun and a show! It is based on skill and strategy; not in the strength of the players.

In Spain there are many players of “sports jugger”; a lightweight derivative version. LUNA NEGRA has introduced the authentic version in Spain, inspired by its origin, in the post-apocalyptic film: The Blood of Heroes.

Important is the collaboration with Krutá hra (Czech Republic), which has many years of experience; we apply the same rules.

We had the first match in Barcelona in October last year and we are busy creating teams throughout the country for the first international tournament at LUNA NEGRA festival! Witness!

This video shows it pretty well.

It is not necessary to register before, but remember to bring the important protections: helmet with grill, gloves and knee protections.

Daniel (Fufluns Agni) is in charge of this activity; you can contact him as you prefer.