Hunter/Hunted (Fallout 76)


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We’ve heard a lot about you, that’s true. As true as this world is so full of warriors and survivors as hard, even harder, than you…

Do you want to test your combat skills with the fiercest fighters in the Wasteland?
Or do you prefer to show that your words are sharp enough to go through any armor?

When the sun is gone, and the dust of the fight has settled, only one thing will matter…
Who ever has gotten the most prey wins!

The Vault Workshop organizes the “Hunter/Hunted” activity, inspired by one of the Fallout 76 missions.

For those who do not know the mission, the goal is to hunt as many opponents as possible within the playing time (the objectives are assigned to each player independently, and they change with the development of the event).

The strong point of the activity will be the duels between players, where you can test your skills. The duels will be of very different styles, so it does not matter your physical form, knowledge or condition, there will always be a way to win!

You can take a look at the complete rules here.

Registration will be made during the festival, as soon as you can, at the stand of The Vault Workshop.
Si hay preguntas o dudas de antemano, puedes ponerlas en su página en Facebook.

At the end of the day a trophy will be awarded to the winner, a recognition to the best hunter of LUNA NEGRA festival.

So … Will you be a hunter, or hunted?

Tickets on sale!