Games: board, role, miniature


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When life is about to end, the time of enjoyment is something that is suppressed.
When the wasteland consumes your life and your only concern is to survive, stress takes over.
When humanity gives its his last throes of life, we have the solution.

Why not return to enjoy those of fantasy in which you could be anything, live experiences and know new worlds, then do not hesitate: join us in the new section of the LUNA NEGRA festival with a number of board, role and miniature games.

What we have prepared for you: different board games, role-playing games with a game master to take you by the hand in several adventures, strategy games, miniature games and many more surprises that are yet to come.
In the apocalypsis there is always room to relax, unless you are chased by a horde of savages, so leave the games for another chance and save your life.

—Subscriptions to collaborate are open to relevant organizations and creators of games with a post-apocalíptic setting. Please contact us by Facebook or email

Alberto Abril is in charge of this activity. You can contact him at any time but it is not needed to subscribe.

Tickets on sale!