Escape room


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Quit some time ago arrived the radiation.

Everyone knows it and has learned to live with it. All have prepared pills, equipment and homes just to take refuge and survive this invisible curse. Only a little radiation and water becomes the most dangerous of the poisons and the body suffers the strangest mutations. If that happens in simple quantities, imagine how it will be in industrial quantities.

Imagine a place where you would not last 30 minutes alive. The focus of the radiation, the place of the radioactive disaster due to the fall of a missile in a gigantic nuclear plant, now called “the shining sea” because it is so irradiated that no one in their right mind would enter …

See you soon…

We need to activate a generator from inside this hell and only you can help us. Immerse yourself in the experience before the radiation can reach you and overcome all the obstacles that this hostile area will impose on you…

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Daniel Jiménez Sánchez is in charge of this activity with Miriam Alcántara Valín.

Festival tickets on sale!