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Dreamland, where your dreams come true … for a fitted price.

The nightclub of LUNA NEGRA, has the best facilities, designed for your comfort after several days in the wilderness. You can enjoy shows and betting games, even train for his famous contest of pulses. The dance and other shows that are offered, are famous throughout the settlement, and it is the best place to get some R.A.D.

This establishment, run by Qhuinn, is frequented by members of the syndicate, such as XIII, Manson and Hammer.

And if the festival runs short on resources, it is an ideal place to win some caps, since the syndicate always has “job offers”.

In charge of this activity are Tris Martorell BaneRaquel Bravo MartorellManson TresMauro Gonzalez Asuramandos, Gifllermo Garcia Insa.

Tickets on sale!