There will be several DJs who will get us on the floor and to bring us to the deepest hours of the night:

Kloudization (France) is a collective that produces hybrid, electronic and metalcore music, sometimes called Metalstep. It was trained in the spring of 2014 by Kloud, director and hybrid music engineer, followed by singer-songwriter ‘Niuks’. The Duo also produces songs for other artists or audiovisual projects, having made their debut in Sound Design for independent games as time riffers on Oculus – rift VR (Best Game Award 2014). Their universe is very influenced by the cyber-culture and is in a constant research of creation of track of synths.
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Iñaki Hate is an emerging DJ of the Rave culture, graduated in the DJ course of Siranga studio since 2012, he is versatile as he demonstrates being the official DJ of the battles of Rap de Vlc respect and puncturing other styles like rock, his strong genre is the Drum n Bass, Jungle and Dubstep, belongs to the electronic music collective Meeting Club and has just created its own brand of parties called Feel Bass, its shows do not leave anyone indifferent with surreal visuals, a striking image and frequencies and broken rhythms, in its curriculum mythical rooms like Razzmatazz, festivals such as Rototom, Ofreshk, Intramurs, Confusion and Valencian mythical rooms such as Spook, Miniclub, La 3, Jerusalem, Agora, Jungle club or Goa.
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