The location of LUNA NEGRA festival 2019 is geografically perfectly situated with an identical distance to Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante.
Teruel is a very nice and touristic city, in a fantastic nature and located on about one hour to the sea.

The location is called Masía Pelarda and is located 25km / 25min south-east from the city Teruel and 10km / 20min from the closest village La Puebla de Valverde.
It is important and highly recommended to print this sheet with the route; there is only one good way and Google Maps does not usually choose it …
The address is H-TE-400 Carretera de Formiche, Km5, Puebla de Valverde – Teruel and this is the exact location.

The website of Teruel´s tourism office is this. It is also available in     
French language.
The most relevant airports with the distances to the festival location:
Madrid: 310km / 3h. Airport.
Barcelona: 400km / 3h45″. Airport.
Valencia: 140km / 1h30″. Airport.
Alicante: 320km / 3h. Airport.
Zaragoza: 200km / 1h50″. Airport. Only connects to England, Belgium, Italia and Romania (status Nov ´18).
Castellón: 160km / 1h40″. Airport. Only connects to England, Poland, Austria. Bulgaria and Romania (status Nov ´18).
THIS is a very useful map with all destinations, except for Castellón airport.

The best way to travel in Spain is a car. 
Teruel is also limited reachable through train.
There is no public transport to the festival location. As most people travel by car, it is not feasible to arrange shuttle buses but quite posssible to arrange a shared car by publishing in the LUNA NEGRA group.

However, we have organized a shuttle service between Teruel and the festival. The company Taxis La Puebla de Valverde offers its service from two locations in Teruel: the train station y the bus station. You have to notify WhatsApp to +34 619 629 820 mentioning LUNA NEGRA and your location. The company tries to fill the taxi but does not let you wait more than half an hour. The service costs €5 each way.

If you can´t find a solution, ask us! We will try to arrange a shuttle car!