Several artisans will show their products related to the theme of the festival. Some you can see here:

The Vault Workshop is the place to equip yourselves before going to the wasteland, managed by a team of people with extensive experience in the world of public and private security, as well as in the field of design and fashion. Cases, tactical vests … We have all that and more! Even purely ornamental accessories, for those who know that style is what makes the difference. All our pieces are unique, and have been created keeping in mind the needs of the adventurers of the wilderness. Durability, practicality and aesthetics, what more can you ask for? Do not hesitate to go through our space to say hi, be it in search of equipment, advice or, simply, a good adventure story. Also, do not be shy, we will be happy to hear your exploits, work techniques and legends … The Vault Workshop is a refuge for all those survivors who need a moment of rest in the hard routine of apocalypse!
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Black Matter Brain: The end of the world has arrived, only a few survivors will reign in the moor, fight to survive in this damn wasteland … and to do that you must be prepared… And properly equipped if you do not want to be a sack of meat. In Black Matter Brain we present you what you need, enter, take a look, do not be shy and come to visit us at the stand we will have at the LUNA NEGRA festival. And in case not, you also can check our online store and find us on social media.
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Shaun Elay: A young alternative artist who is becoming the revelation of the moment. After a full year with full agenda of tours of exhibitions and performances throughout the country (Prop Art Valencia, Metropoli Gijón Comic Con, Úbeda Cinefan Festival, Sitges Film Festival, Encants Wars Barcelona or Expocomic Madrid among others) will bring us to the festival the exhibition of the latest series of her most post-apocalyptic works. Her revolutionary alternative techniques, her demanding works and her interactive illustrations have made it very recently a focus of attention in social networks The well known artist and alternative model will illustrate live throughout the festival to the delight of all present, with distracting elements that you never thought you could draw.
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RKA recykleart: “RKA” means Residuos_Konvertidos_en_Arte
We are two recyclers that at the beginning of 2018 we decided to join together to create this art and recycling project. We create unique and original pieces and we try to reduce the ecological footprint giving a new opportunity to discarded materials of good quality. In these moments we are dedicated to the manufacture of wall clocks, made with cutting of bicycles and other scrap, but we have no limits. To make these clocks, a process of intensive search, recovery, disassembly and cleaning of recycled materials is required, to give them the desired finish and transform them into objects with character. So, brothers, with this use of resources on the day of apocalypse we will survive in the wasteland.
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Bichos & Cráneos: encapsulated skulls, flowers, shells, feathers and invertebrates. All the animals and their remains have been found in nature, already dead. 100% cruelty free.
This craft requires a job search, residue cleaning / drying flowers, design, resin preparation, assembly, drying and curing. It may take more than a month since the rest is encapsulated until it is finally finished.








Pedro Ayuso: It all started in the 90s, when I was contemplating a blacksmith’s forge. It was the magic of red, the hammer and the sound of the anvil that left me hooked. From 2000 to 2010 I made blacksmith shops all over the peninsula and, from then until now, I reinvent abandoned and forgotten objects to create unique pieces that are above the programmed obsolescence that the system likes so much.







Julio Tormo: a Valencian painter and illustrator, I realize works with a personal technique mixing inks and coffee. My works are Fan Art on Film, TV Series and Comic. I regularly attend as a guest in Salons, Festivals and Conventions of Cinema, Science Fiction and Comic in Spain as well as abroad. Comic Con Porto, 2015 and 2016, Comic Con Jerez 2016, Saló del Cinema i Series Barcelona 2016, Cificom Valencia 2015 and 2016, Valencia Zombi Party 2015 and 2016, among others.








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