Various artists will be presented, from tribal dancers to jugglers. Many surprises that will be reserved for the great weekend. Some will be integrated into the time table, and others will perform at random.

Cyber Madh from Italy! They are a “situation” with post industrial music, cyberpunk costumes, a game of chains, smoke fills the surroundings, suddenly from the crowd the cyborgs overwhelm anyone with their post apocalyptic act and “rotating arms”.
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Cinc En Art is a cultural association of Valencia founded in 2014, focused on promoting circus arts, mainly juggling and aerial. Throughout our career we have collaborated in different private, cultural and social events. After experimenting with different themes in our shows (Steampunk, terror, medieval …), we have come to the post-apocalyptic world to bring a circus focus to this world of decay and chaos. With our show jugglers, the stilt walkers, the air acrobats and our troupe of artists, we are prepared to perform in this long-awaited event of LUNA NEGRA.
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Prepostevolution, from Poland, Austria and Sweden, is created by performer, musician, improviser and fashion designer Marcin Urzędowski in 2017, and developed in collaboration 2018/2019 with Anna Achimowicz, choreographer, dancer, performer and improviser from Rock Dance Theatre is a strong upcycling fashion brand, not only bringing creative fashion to another level but especially wanting to actively clean the world from trash, strongly pointing out the fact human race produces too much waste, in which were flooded to live with on an unimaginable scale. Do we have to be manipulated like marionette dolls in a world living faster and faster? Not questioning anything being served to us by consumptionism? Do we still have any influence over our decisions and what is happening with our planet, is this a downward slope to self-destruction? Prepostevolution has created and performed many shows among others “Beauty and The Beast”, “Fire and Blood” “On Edge” and upcoming “Psycho Dolls” premiering in late fall 2019. Among others warded and nominated as Best Styling and Fashion Designer of 2018 by
They present us “Fire and Blood”: a physical dance with live music with guitar and acoustic tribal drum, a show post apocalyptic from top to bottom with weapons and accessories.

Anna Achimowicz created Rock Dance Theatre in 2017. It’s a fusion of contemporary dance, guitar music and visual fashion: a hybrid show where dancers and musicians are interactively connected with each other. It was originally a solo project, then as Companie Achimowicz and Rock Dance Theater is the latest comprehensive project with which she presents herself on festivals, clubs or outdoor stages in Poland, Austria and Sweden.

Marcin Urzędowski is an artist improviser, mainly connected to rhythm and postapocalyptic fashion. Prepostevolution is a trashion brand born in 2017, where Marcin creates costumes and accessories from recycling materials and trash. Constantly searching for new sound and tone, maker of unconventional, and recycled percussion instruments he admires the most tribal African music, contemporary percussive improvised music, jazz and percussive theatre.

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Urban Dance Terra: Alex Dudea and Marius Domil are International Choreographers and founders of the dance school and
scenic arts URBAN DANCE TERRA.
“We really want to know and share our work with all the people of the festival, we are very excited to come and work with all of you the thematic dance that we prepare exclusively for LUNA NEGRA festival”.

It will be a performance and also an activity in which everyone can participate in creating a choreography; a synchronized dance in post-apocalyptic costumes: think, for example, of Michael Jackson’s Thriller in Mad Max style; fun and show to the fullest!
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Punkadeira Batucada: In Punkadeira Batucada we live together a large group of people that we enjoy sharing at the stroke of a drum.

You can find us at parties, weddings, farewells, fairs, shows, festivals … and an endless number of other events. In addition to our festive work we do not neglect the social one.
We actively collaborate with associations and movements both in solidarity and socially committed with strength and conviction.

We also use our drums and rhythms to educate from percussion through our percussive workshops.
Between drumsticks, clubs and drums we are making an uncertain and magical path.

See you in the apocalypse!
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Krys Butler: ¡¡Saludos postapocalípticos! Post-apocalyptic greetings! I’m Krys Butler, amateur tribal fusion dancer. 
Your sacrifices in honor of the dark gods were not in vain and this year I repeat again in LUNA NEGRA, with some surprises under the chains of my wardrobe.
See you in Teruel. Witness!